Fun at Holiday Park

Come on over to Holiday Park located in Indianapolis for a fun filled day of fun with your family. Address for Holiday Park is 6363 Spring Mill Rd, Indianapolis, IN. Come enjoy the beautiful 13,000 square foot Nature Center offering a wide range of activities. A family experience could be that you arrive to Holiday Park in the morning at around 9am. Spend roughly 3-4 hours hanging out in the Nature Center learning and exploring. The kids can get involved with the activities at the Nature Center where the workers their focus on educating about the natural world and lets you get hands on discovery. While your kids are doing those activities and getting involved the parents can enjoy the bird and wildlife observation area with a sound system in allowing you to hear the birds. Also, in the Nature Center they have a renovated are called Habitat Hall full of fun for the kids to enjoy. The kids could learn a for an hour or two while the parents relax in the observation area then when the parents learn the kids could enjoy fun in Habitat Hall. There are so many exhibits like the White River Water Table, costumes, games and a lot of interactive exhibits to entertain the kids. For lunch bring a snack lunch made from home and easily sit outside to enjoy a nice afternoon picnic. Starting at about 1 you can conclude the second part of your family adventure to Holiday Park.

Holiday Park Nature Center

The Second half of Holiday Park will conclude with walking trails and playing on the big playground they have there. Not to mention the White River flows through Holiday Park. At Holiday Park there are more than 3.5 miles of trails which will lead you to a stretch of the White River. After lunch is up your family can walk off the food on these beautiful trails that lead into wooded ravines, natural springs, and wetlands. While on these trails you and your kids could play an interactive game about how many species of wildflower and the amount of wildlife you see. Or even determining the sound of the 200 species of birds that inhabited that area. Once done hiking the trails come on over and see the Ruins. It is a beautiful iconic structure with a lot of history background. The Ruins has things for kids like the children’s water table where children can play in the fountain and cool off. Holiday Park also offers at this structure concerts, festivals, and even weddings. Finally, to wrap up the fun filled day at Holiday Park and to wear off your kids’ energy is by going to the playground. While the parents relax the kids can have fun. At the playground there is the rock-climbing wall, 10- or 20-foot slide tower and finally the spider web which every kid love.

Holiday Park Ruins

That pretty much wraps up a full day at Holiday Park located in Indianapolis. Starting at 9 in the morning at the Nature Center then having lunch around 12 and finishing the day at 5pm outside in nature.

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